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Innovative. Accountable. Effective. Efficient.

"Our investors have worked very hard for their money. Our job is to ensure that their money is productively working for them."

− Jason Gerlach, Sunrise CEO

"An investment idea is only as good as the execution of that idea and at Sunrise, we pride ourselves on investment execution that is thoughtful, effective, efficient, precise and consistent."

− Chris Stanton, Sunrise CIO

"True portfolio diversification is essential to investment success. That is, one must not only diversify by market and geography but also, one must diversify the time frames in which they invest, the techniques which they use to invest, and the assumptions upon which those investments are based."

− Rick Slaughter, Sunrise Chief Research Officer

"Our business begins and ends with our loyal investors. Achieving great outcomes for them drives every one of our investment decisions and has pushed us to continually improve our investment process since our 1980 inception."

− Jason Gerlach, Sunrise CEO

"When it comes to investing, technology has become more than a tool for Sunrise. By properly aligning and integrating technological solutions we are able to bring opportunities to bear that were previously unattainable."

− Chris Stanton, Sunrise CIO

"The key to our investment success has been continual open-mindedness to self-improvement and a never-ending process of asking questions and researching potential answers to those questions."

− Rick Slaughter, Sunrise Chief Research Officer

"Compounding is the most powerful wealth generating force on earth and it is our goal at Sunrise to help every investor harness that power."

− Jason Gerlach, Sunrise CEO

Sunrise Management Team

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We have navigated U.S. and global markets for over three decades


We have managed assets for investors worldwide since 1980


We pursue alternative investment paths that can perform in all market conditions


We make it easy and affordable for our investors to achieve great outcomes


We manage large amounts of our money right alongside our investors


We provide responsive investor services and answer all of your questions

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We provide meaningful job training for America’s bravest heroes.
We help fund the cleanup of our oceans.
We create pathways to capital for entrepreneurs around the world.
We make life’s most basic necessity more broadly available.
We provide protection for abused mothers and children.
We help the disabled participate in youth sports.